Spongebath Records

The ‘Boro Beat and Spongebath Records

SelfFluid Ounces

While not quite the ‘music mecca’ that a 1997¬†Billboard¬†article predicted, the ‘Boro scene provided an opportunity for Spongebth Records (1994-2001) and their prominent artists such as Self and The Katies to reach a national stage and audience. Other artists under the Spongebath label included The Features, Fluid Ounces (Fl. Oz., originally), the C-60’s, and rapper Count Bass D.

Self, “So Low”

Self, “Stay Home” [Shrek Soundtrack]

Matt Mahaffey- The Band Self & Composing Music for Cartoons

Matt Mahaffey, “Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last, They Finish Happy,” TEDxNashville

Fluid Ounces, “Killjoy”