YEAH! (Youth Empowerment Through Arts and Humanities, Inc.) is a Middle Tennessee organization responsible for the yearly Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp (SGRRC) and the Tennessee Teens Rock Camp. YEAH! seeks “to provide a safe learning environment for teens that will empower them not only in the arts but in life skills, volunteerism, and community service. YEAH! creates programming that values collaboration over competition and seeks to give youth the tools they need to create the world that they want to live in.” YEAH! was co-founded in 2006 by SGRRC co-founder Kelley Anderson and Anna Fitzgerald, Courtney Vickers, Andrew Jacks, Ryan York, and Nicole Tekulve.

Kelley Anderson was also a founding member of Those Darlins, a group that reached national popularity.

Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp

Those Darlins’